Spyware Terminator Certificate

Attention Webmasters:

The User Agent Field of your server logs may have indicated a high volume of “Crawler” references. Please be assured that Crawler and Crawler Toolbar do not "spider" websites, nor do they contain malicious software. Crawler and Crawler Toolbar are highly recognized webtools that continue to grow in popularity.

Crawler and Crawler Toolbar:

  • Do NOT "spider" websites
  • Do NOT contain any malicious software
  • Do NOT collect any personal information
  • Do NOT monitor the sites visited
  • Do NOT monitor behavior on the Internet
  • Do NOT log or track keystrokes
  • Do NOT serve or facilitate ads

Crawler and Crawler Toolbar are sometimes mistaken for "Spyware" by some spyware services.

Spyware detection is an emerging online product category that has no single standard. This results in substantial confusion and misinformation about how spyware detection software works and what it actually is. Because there is no single standard, legitimate products are often being classified as spyware.

Dozens of spyware detection companies are competing in the market today and that number is rapidly growing. As a result, it is often difficult to identify those companies that may be mis-classifying our products and just as difficult to locate them in order to correct their classification error.

Crawler products are neither adware nor spyware and we are aggressively working with companies that may have mis-classified our products as such.  In nearly all instances, this classification has already been reversed.

If you have any concerns about Crawler products or users accessing your site, please click here to contact us. We welcome your comments about our free service.